Miles "Buddy" Gramling

Miles Brooks Gramling was born on March 5, 2021. Miles spent the first four months of his life in Arlington, VA. His days were spent going on walks, drinking lots of milk, and kicking his favorite little avocado toy. When he was just over four months old, Miles took off on a cross country adventure, stopping at gardens, national parks, water parks, and family member’s houses along the way. He brought joy everywhere he went and always had a smile on his face. Countless people said he was the cutest and smiliest hiker on the trails. 

Moving to Coronado

Eventually, he made his way to Coronado, CA. Here, Miles really blossomed. He first learned how to sit, then crawl, then stand, and eventually he was running everywhere. He also learned a handful of words, his favorite being “more” for food. “Please” was a close second when it was a food he really liked!

His love for the outdoors

Miles loved to be outside – didn’t matter if it was the beach where he enjoyed eating sand, the mountains where he liked to eat dirt, or the playground where he ate anything he got his hands on – he simply loved being outside. 

Learning new skills

Miles attended Coronado Baptist Childcare Center, where he learned how to dance and learned sign language. Miles was their favorite kid 🙂

Loved by his parents

Miles’ parents, Mara and Joe, loved being Miles’ mom and dad. Mara loved going on runs with Miles, seeing the joy in his eyes when they shared ice cream, and cuddling him to sleep almost every night. Joe loved playing music and having fun during bath time, taking Miles to the park, and making Miles giggle. Together, the three of them camped, went to the zoo, and played for countless hours. Miles was adventurous, determined, full of energy, mischievous, funny, cuddly, a performer, and an all-around awesome kid.

Remembering Miles

Miles touched everyone he knew and he changed the world one smile at a time. He is loved and remembered by friends and family across the country. Miles left us too soon on June 19, 2022. He is missed immensely, but he will be with us everyday as we honor him with our lives and through our actions.